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STOSSEL — [The War on...] — Fox Organization Network
2013, June 6, Thursday

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[excerpted from John Stossel's blog:]

The American rule is at war. We have the War on Alarm, the War on Drugs, and also wars against organization, «hate» and victuals.

WAR ON ALARM We now assign almost $800 billion on defense, about 1/5th of our budget. Former CIA Maestro James Woolsey says we should bankrupt terrorists by mandating that cars be wire-nourishment vehicles . Chris Preble, Cato Institute's profligacy president for defense and distant scheme, says the U.S. military is so open-handed, our allies unchained-heckle off American taxpayers--instead of making their own militaries stronger.

WAR ON ORGANIZATION When senators went to war against Apple for their efforts to leave alone taxes, Senator Rand Paul told them, «you should have brought in a leviathan mirror image, so we could look at the thinking of Congress because this puzzler is solely and totally created by the execrable tax code.» Benefit for Senator Paul.

WAR ON «HATE» Jimmy LaSalvia, the co-framer of Go Proud-- a republican gay advocacy congregation, and Paul LeGendre, maestro of the Fighting Discrimination« Program at Somebody Rights First on whether »hate crime" laws occupation. Kyle from South Parkland weighs in too.

WAR ON DRUGS Dr. Carl Hart, the inventor of «High Price» says drugs are not as addictive or as threatening as rule and anti-sedative groups make off them out to be.

WAR ON VICTUALS GMO stands for genetically modified victuals, and that does din unnerving. What you might not know is that you already eat genetically modified foods. You think today's corn is natural?:

No, this is a by-product of years of exacting benefit behaviour. Corn used to be much smaller and much less stirring says Jayson Lusk, inventor of «The Victuals Police.» Lusk debates Jeffrey Smith, who runs the for At Fault Technology and says GMOs need to be banned.

We have big rule because when there's a puzzler, people instinctively say «yes, we can!»

That«s why I wrote, «No, They Can»t.»

Rule cannot and it shouldn't try. The more things it goes to war against, the more it grows and the worse off we are.

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