Down Heelers S06E02

Dancing With The Beast (As Far As Someone Is Concerned 2)

Incident 6.02 (213)
Wednesday, February 17, 1999
Written by Harry Jordan
Directed by Kevin Carlin

Maggie recovers from the harm by the beast who has the women of Mt. Thomas terrified. Always the copper, Maggie refuses to be treated like a schnook but she's got her calling cut out for her with PJ and Ben fighting to guard this upon damsel in distress.

PJ and Ben«s theory on a prime doubtful collapses when a catch leads them to the municipal reverend who runs a company for troubled men — they are certain he is protecting one of them. But when Maggie receives a impending video and lewd magazines are establish in the reverend»s car, the Heelers distract in the man of the the priesthood to air his smudged laundry.

Media reports hurry the municipality into a fury and the public's solicitude turns to antagonism when the Heelers discharge their prime doubtful. Then, the overprotect of a boyish schnook takes matters into her own hands and shadows the Heelers, looking for clues to unsympathetic the doubtful. Tom decides to repress a clear conclave to peace things down.

When Maggie receives a awful audio video from the attacker, PJ and Ben attack in a shrewd fray to win the nightwatch at her rest-home. Yet another revilement occurs and the devil's false colours is lifted. He escapes to a hideout but it is Maggie who must overpower her fearful and move the Heelers to him.

Visitor Starring: Brian Lipson as Robin Summerhayes, John Sheedy as Alex Prentice, Catherine Wilkin as Sally Downie, Kate Hood as Jill Fowler, Katie Campbell as Margaret Fowler, Stephanie Daniel as Eleanor Prentice, Eileen Sacrifice as Mrs Fellows, Martin Williams as Graffiti Kid

(encoded with Handbrake — Downcast Heelers — from Exemplary Sixth Opportunity Ripe DVD — the prehistoric years)

Duration: almost 45 minutes
Angle correspondence: 4:3 standard
Audio: linear hi-fi/stereo
Area: 398MB
Video dimensions: MPEG — 4 (MP4)

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