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Territory Of The Oceans

Personality Documentary hosted by Salvatore Vecchio, published by Resident Geographic in 2011 - English narration


Territory Of The Oceans
Diving into the planet«s waters, Territory Of The Oceans features astonishing footage that showcases the majesty of the underwater in the seventh heaven. On No Account at over 50 locations around the in the seventh heaven and with eighty different species, this stirring-intriguing four-purposes determined offers a deeper sharpness into the aquatic side of personality, from the coastal shores to the open up sea. With almost three quarters of the Earth»s integument covered by moisten, the oceans compere a species of outstanding wildlife — from the gigantic to the lilliputian, and from the hunters to the hunted. Splatter to the depths of the seas to adventure the quivering of the woo as predators pursue their take advantage of and get up-confidential with a species of salt-moisten animals, from the huge chap-fallen whale to shoals of tuna, as you come one stage closer to grasp the glaring watered down unknown

1) Giants Of The Knowing
Interference a humbug on the ocean«s superhighways as giants of the knowing humbug the currents in sempiternal search of their next victuals. Get uncomfortably confidential to the world»s largest beastlike, the mammoth chap-fallen whale, with a nub as gigantic as a negligible car, a creole as staid as an elephant and a track as sizeable as an airplane wing. Certificate the culture and care of a glaring creamy shark fight. Swim with yellowfin tuna and omit through the waters with spinning dolphins.

2) Sand Wars
The sandy plains of the seabed can appear clear, but they actually hibernate multitudes of whimsical creatures, including masters of false front that evanesce into the sands, fish that sidle across the plethora nonplus and fish that appear to ball on their heads while hunting take advantage of. Other salt-moisten vital spark must hit the beaches to gullible. Certificate the epic trek that a leatherback turtle faces, dragging its 1,000-thrash main region to the top of the margin to lay its eggs.

3) Predators Isles
Travel the living, breathing, colorful mountains of coral that umbrella an extraordinarily miscellaneous coterie of species of every color, state of health and behavior. See how these living gardens keep the egg of a lilliputian zebra shark, and how a recluse crab latches onto toxic anemone for immunity. The coral even proposal a unruffled lagoon for the spoil whale and her newborn calf.

4) Passion and Ice
Check Out the puzzle of whales, penguins, iguanas and dolphins that inherited a distressing legacy from their country-abode ancestors: they must blow in open up air. Affect the Galapagos Islands, where evolvement still experiments with life's ebb and surge between country and sea. Off the South American glide, witnesses an orca whale kindred coach their unfledged the art of beaching to check out sea lions. On the Antarctic ice, emperor penguins be enamoured of for their country-locked cosset chicks.


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