South Greensward Enliven 3

Salt 3

«Rainforest Shmainforest»

Genuine Air Meeting: 04-07-1999

Visitor Eminent — Jennifer Aniston as Mrs. Stevens

The boys chaperone a educator and her singing-and-dancing society to Prime America to set in motion awareness of the forest. Also: Kenny falls for a choir member; and Kyle has discomfit mastering the choreography.

«Spontaneous Combustion»

Genuine Air Meeting: 04-14-1999

Residents start to spontaneously combust, prompting Stan's geologist papa to investigate.

«The Succubus»

Genuine Air Meeting: 04-21-1999

Chef gets a stop in from his dam when the boys sense his bride-to-be has taken their spot in his heart.

«Tweek Vs. Craig»

Genuine Air Meeting: 06-23-1999

The boys take a betray lineage taught by an odd fish, and campaign with a schoolyard row between classmates Tweek and Craig.


Genuine Air Meeting: 06-16-1999

The boys behold two nearly obsolete animals while camping on the banks of Stark's Pond.

«Sexual Harassment Panda»

Genuine Air Meeting: 07-07-1999

Cartman sues Stan for carnal harrassment.

«Cat Orgy»

Genuine Air Meeting: 07-14-1999

Shelly -sits Cartman.

«Two Guys In The Nuddy in a Hot Tub»

Genuine Air Meeting: 07-21-1999

A meteor barrage hits municipality, and Stan's sister Shelly babysits Cartman while Mrs. Cartman goes to a «meteor party.»


Genuine Air Meeting: 07-28-1999

Kyle and Ike go on a camping error while South Garden residents discontinuation for a meteor barrage to begin.


Genuine Air Meeting: 11-03-1999

Adults try to marker when the town's children become obsessed with a fad from Japan, whose administration reveals their ace method behind the craze.

«Starvin’ Marvin in Space»

Genuine Air Meeting: 11-17-1999

Starvin Marvin returns in a stolen U.S. spaceship, and enlists the boys to help silage his Ethiopian village. The CIA is among their pursuers.

«Korn’s Groovy Lift Ghost Mystery»

Genuine Air Meeting: 10-27-1999

Visitor Eminent — Korn as Themselves

On Halloween, the boys are plagued by fifth graders and the municipality is despoil by lift ghosts. Music society Korn assists, and sings «Falling Away from Me.»

«Hooked on Phonics»

Genuine Air Meeting: 11-10-1999

Kyle tries to discipline his new struggle with about love; the boys clash against old folks«-schooled kids in the annual spelling bee; and Cartman»s mom agrees to discipline him at old folks'.

«The Red Badge of Gayness (war)»

Genuine Air Meeting: 11-24-1999

The municipality holds its annual reenactment of a Courtly War fracas, and Cartman suits up for the Confederacy with visions of glory.

«Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics»

Genuine Air Meeting: 12-1-1999

Mr. Hankey and South Garden citizens extol the holidays with tuneful numbers from his Christmas Classics Album.

«Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus»

Genuine Air Meeting: 12-29-1999

«Are You There, God? It«s Me, Jesus» purports to solution age old questions about who we are and what we»re all about.

«The Brown Noise» Genuine Air Meeting: 1-12-2000

The boys and their lineage excursions to the first «Worldwide Recorder Concert» in Arkansas, where Mr. Garrison confronts the demons of his puberty while visiting his parents.

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