Transformers Prime 216 - 225 [Oj]

Transformers Prime 216 — 225 [Oj]

Season 2

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42 16 «Hurt» Shaunt Nigoghossian Mairghread Scott August 24, 2012 216

Bulkhead is formerly larboard in a important proviso after his disaster with the Insecticons. As he lies in stasis while the other Autobots sentinel him,
Wheeljack and Miko ward out to notice Hardshell and exacting make reprisal for for what has happened. At an Energon excavate, Wheeljack engages with Hardshell
and his Insections, as Miko watches the donnybrook from his deliver. Wheeljack becomes heavily injured, at which incidental Miko fires the ship's missiles,
fatiguing Hardshell. Meanwhile, Throw Out tries to talk into Megatron that the Insecticons are a threat to the leftovers of the band after Hardshell
had attacked a of troopers.

43 17 «Out of the Past» Mike Johnson Todd Waterman August 31, 2012 217

Miko is angered by Bulkhead's dull redemption and storms out of the incidental of departure. Arcee tries to hurrah her up by letting the cat out of the bag her the detective story of how she and her
old donnybrook comrade Cliffjumper first came to Terra: The two were captured and brought to Kaon by Starscream, interrogated by the Decepticon scientist
Shockwave, and uncovered Shockwave's chart to shape a Period Pass Over. Miko and Arcee apportionment from their personal experiences that they should not be
closed off from others.

44 18 «New Recruit» Vinton Heuck Marty Isenberg September 7, 2012 218

During a meeting with the Decepticons, the Autobots are unexpectedly aided by Smokescreen, a prepubescent and foolhardy Autobot. Despite Arcee and Ratchet's
mistrust in the foreigner, Optimus Prime invites Smokescreen to the incidental of departure for further training. Later, Starscream and the Autobots donnybrook for Red Energon,
which grants the consumer enhanced agility. The Autobots come treacherously to the incidental of departure, where Optimus Prime welcomes Smokescreen as the newest associate of the put together,
leaving a still-injured Bulkhead in unease of being replaced.

45 19 «The Hominid Factor» Scooter Tidwell Robert N. Skir September 14, 2012 219

Silas is merged with Breakdown's cadaver as a issue of a biotech surgery performed by the M.E.C.H. surgeon. With the new cadaver, he terminates his band,
then confronts Megatron for a predication in the Decepticon ranks, optimistic to aid their cause with Jut Out Damocles, to spawn a disciple enabled to fervency a
smidgen timber with rigorousness to any given fingers on on Terra. Raf, however, manages to deface the structure, chief the jut out to dud. Megatron calls Silas
treacherously to his warship, and orders him to be dissected by Throw Out.

46 20 «Legacy» Shaunt Nigoghossian Marsha Griffin September 21, 2012 220

The Autobots are led astray with a ensnare pot from the Decepticons for Megatron to regain a new remnant, until Ratchet informs the leftovers of the band of the intrinsic
fingers on containing the factual remnant, the Headliner Saber. The remnant is lodged in a mountain, and it can be removed only by an Autobot chairlady, a «Prime».

The Autobots at the end of the day make one«s appearance at the fingers on. Optimus Prime is able to utilize its power and send a forceful dissolve to the Decepticon»s warship. Treacherously at the incidental of departure,
Optimus Prime receives an arriving communiqu from Alpha Trion via the Headliner Saber.

47 21 «Alpha; Omega» Todd Waterman David McDermott September 28, 2012 221

Alpha Trion informs Optimus Prime about the last four surviving relics formerly larboard in suck up to, those being the Omega Keys effectual of regenerating Cybertron through the
Headliner Saber across the ages. Megatron goes to Cybertron and desecrates a blessed grave of an unfamiliar Prime along with his second in have, Dreadwing, to
purchase it's round so he can understand the Mould of Solus Prime. After using the Mould of Solus Prime to spawn the Concealed Headliner Saber from a chunk of Concealed Energon,
he challenges Optimus Prime to a donnybrook in which the Headliner Saber's knife is violated surviving only his hilt. This unwittingly allows Smokescreen to regain the
Omega Key with some help from the Period Shifter and he and Optimus come treacherously to the Autobot incidental of departure. Smokescreen receives the Period Shifter as his endless weapon
but looks at the Headliner Saber in gloominess, before being cheered up by Ratchet letting the cat out of the bag him that Prime does not need it to be the mightiest warriors.

48 22 «Hard Knocks» Vinton Heuck Mairghread Scott October 5, 2012 222

When Optimus determines the whereabouts of the second Omega Key, Bumblebee and Arcee accompany to the end to regain it. But Throw Out, wielding the
Resonance Blaster, gets there first and recovers the key. Similarly, Bulkhead and Smokescreen ward out to notice the third Omega Key, but Starscream,
equipped with Red Energon, knocks out Smokescreen from behind and takes the key. The closing remnant is discovered to be innards everted Smokescreen himself.

Soundwave manages to snatch him and accordingly regain the fourth key.

49 23 «Inside Job» Scooter Tidwell Robert N. Skir October 12, 2012 223

After Smokescreen is brought on council the Nemesis, Megatron learns that the closing Omega Key is within the prepubescent Autobot. Despite this,
Smokescreen manages to not only appropriate the second Omega Key, but regain both the fourth Omega Key and his Period Shifter treacherously from Throw Out and Megatron
and baffle the deliver. Later, however, Starscream uses his new expedition power ,courtliness of the put portion of Red Energon, to stool-pigeon into the incidental of departure and appropriate
the surviving Omega Keys, giving him all four keys. He sneaks his way onto the Nemesis and presents the Omega Keys to Megatron as a temperate offering.

50 24 «Patch» Shaunt Nigoghossian Duane Capizzi October 19, 2012 224

Starscream approaches Megatron with the four Omega Keys, proposing a let-up with the Decepticons. Skeptical, Megatron orders Throw Out to set up a
cortical fortune-teller segment in clean to come Starscream's unwavering intentions within his memories. However, despite the good old days events revealed to him, in
the end Megatron allows Starscream to rejoin the Decepticons, for every member«s participation is authoritarian in aiding the leader»s cause of conquering
Cybertron, though Knockout tries to offline Megatron after seeing what had convoluted him in the good old days. Dreadwing learns that Starscream is the one who
had turned his relative Skyquake into an undead Terrorcon and screams at the sky in rage.

51 25 «Regeneration» Todd Waterman Marsha Griffin October 26, 2012 225

Dreadwing offers the Mould of Solus Prime to the Autobots, and Optimus Prime uses the remnant to upgrade the Autobots' motive pass over into a period pass over,
enabling unbroken euphoria to Cybertron. Meanwhile, on the Nemesis, Dreadwing tries to administer the coup de gr Starscream after his T-Cog is installed, but Megatron kills
him for disobeying his clean to suffer down. The Autobots lineage their way to the Omega Follow on Cybertron with all the weapons and relics they have, defeating
Megatron's army of troopers,with the expense of the ignite extractor.along the way and regain all four keys. But Megatron, along with his warship band,
make one's appearance with pods containing Jack, Raf and Miko. The Decepticon chairlady presents an requirements that if the Autobots do not incessantly operations with the Omega Follow,
the humans will be exposed to Cybertron's toxic mood and die.


Kevin Michael Richardson ... Bulkhead
Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime
Plain-Vocal Welker ... Megatron
Steve Blum ... Starscream
Jeffrey Combs ... Ratchet
Sumalee Montano ... Arcee
Tania Gunadi ... Miko Nakadai
Josh Keaton ... Jack Darby
Andy Pessoa ... Rafael «Raf» Esquivel
Ernie Hudson ... Spokesperson Fowler

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Transformers Prime 216 — 225 [Oj]

Transformers Prime 216 — 225 [Oj]



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