Nature's Most Fabulous Events S01E01 - Arctic Summer


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In the Arctic summer nearly three million miles of sea ice in a wink start off to pass. For the masters of the ice, the frigid bears, the coins in terrain threatens their survival but for other — like arctic foxes, beluga whales, the evanescent narwhals and humongous flocks of birds — this brief summer transforms the Arctic into one of the richest places on Globe.

The Natures Inordinate Events band captures the greatest seasonal coins on the planet in a year when the Inordinate Pass was the largest ever recorded the sea ice had never retreated so far or so licentious. In the summer of 2007 a staggering 400,000 just miles of premium ice disappeared. At this deserve, its predicted that the Arctic summer could be ice-unfetter in 20 to 50 years together.

As the temperature rises the cameras pursue a mom frigid spawn and her cub making their first pilgrimage on to the sea ice in search for their favorite seize b victimize ringed seals. See how these and more arctic animals strain to outlive the discourteous conditions, year after year.


Let Out Type.....: HDTV
Series...........: Natures Most Fabulous Events
Genre............: Documentary
Part..........: S01E01
Title............: Arctic Summer
Putting Out Code..: 101
Orig. Air Date...: 29 May 2009
Let Out Date.....: 29 May 2009
Source...........: 1080i HDTV
Video Format.....: XviD
Video Resoluteness.: 624x352
Video Bitrate....: 958 kbps
Video Framerate..: 24.975
Audio Format.....: MP3 VBR
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Audio Trial Deserve: 48 KHz
Length...........: 43:09.109
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About the series

Each year at unlikely wilderness locations around the excellent, astonishing seasonal events take class that make whoopee the formidable power and sublimity of the planet«s productive imbecile inconsistency. The six-hour record delineation series NATURE»S MOST FABULOUS EVENTS, premiering on Uncovering on May 29, 30 and 31 from 8-10PM ET/PT each darkness, features dangerous events of stripe triggered by seasonal coins and great weather coins. The series reunites BBC and Uncovering -- co-producers of PLANET GLOBE, the most lauded imbecile description series in tv description.

Each part of NATURE«S MOST FABULOUS EVENTS focuses on a different imbecile end: the summer pass of ice in the Arctic, the annual salmon run in Canada, the flooding of the Okavango Delta in Africa, the jumbo annual bloom of plankton in the northern Pacific, the towering migration in East Africa»s Serengeti prairie, and one of the greatest seagoing spectacles on the planet -- the sardine run in South Africa. Filmed in 2007 and 2008, the series spotlights the tremendous coins of these wildly different landscapes and the dear stories and graphic interaction between the animals who seize them, including some of the most graphic wildlife confrontations and clashes ever recorded on film.

Episodes call attention to frigid bears battling weather change; grizzly spawn cubs emerging from winter dens to search for salmon alongside equally hungering wolves; elephant herds struggling against drought and predators; one of the largest davy jones's locker feeding frenzies on the planet involving thousands of sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and monstrous flocks of birds; and many more compelling scenes from the imbecile excellent.

To absorb viewers in never-before-seen details and perspectives, NATURE'S MOST FABULOUS EVENTS put to use innovative filming techniques and technologies utilized to acclaim for PLANET GLOBE. Filmmakers employed together-fall, ultra blockish-walk, and macro photography, as well as newer technologies that allowed for filming under the toughest situations, such as pummel seas and challenging flying conditions. But the series also depended upon the putting out band being in the right class at the right together -- often, teams lived in extraordinarily unlikely areas for up to two months, altogether waiting for the perfected shot.


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