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Antediluvian Autopsy

Body Of Laws Documentary hosted by Alice Roberts and George McGavin, published by BBC in 2012 - English narration


Anatomist Professor Alice Roberts and biologist Dr George McGavin go on an special evolutionary tour to gather our primitive ancestors. At the Antediluvian Autopsy HQ in Glasgow, with the help of a gang of ecumenical experts, each incident follows the rebuilding of one of our most iconic primitive ancestors from the bones up.

1) Neanderthal
To boost pretend the reconstructions as on target as possible Alice and George have travelled the orb, convention reveal from the world's chief scientists. In the lab, scientists put the latest theories to the prove to see how alike resemble or different we really are to our primitive ancestors, while exploratory archeologists look for clues as to how they lived. All the experiment with has been fed to a gang of exemplar makers who have consumed months painstakingly reconstructing skeletons, muscles, derma and hair.

2) Homo Erectus
This once upon a time they go shy away from 1.5 million years to gather one of the earliest humans, Homo erectus. They walked the dirt far longer than any other forgiving species and were the first ancestors to look a lot like we do today. The gang carouse the latest experiment with that suggests Homo erectus were gear hunters, were skilled at making stone tools and could probably authority feeling. They also look at reveal that suggests some individuals were help those who couldn't help themselves. It may be the oldest reveal we have for something we think of as a forgiving feature — compassion.

3) Lucy
This incident looks at probably the most notable of all our ancestors. She is called Lucy from the species Australopithecus afarensis and she lived 3.2 million years ago. Lucy's species had traded memoirs in the trees for memoirs on the instruct, but this gifts to routinely lurch standing up came at a expenditure and it is one we are still paying today.

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