Unconnected Stringer 2015 06 16 South Korea Course Of Study Gangnam Craze 360p LDTV WEBRIP

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Once shackled by droves illiteracy, South Korea now tops universal scholastic conspiring with tables. But as North Asia Newsman Matthew Carney reports, its stressed out students also line as the unhappiest in the developed world.

Unconnected Stringer 2015 06 16 South Korea Course Of Study Gangnam Craze 360p LDTV WEBRIP

Unconnected Stringer 2015 06 16 South Korea Course Of Study Gangnam Craze 360p LDTV WEBRIP


It«s 11 pm and across South Korea the grind schools are for all time set to cessation. For millions of bleary-eyed teenagers it»s the welcome end of a 15 hour prime day.

Next morning in the first exercise, enervated students abatement asleep at their desks. It's just another day in a fellowship that prizes scholastic fulfilment above all else, where immature lives are charted by good or fizzle in getting the marks to transmute it into a top university.

At the soul of this process is a $20 billion undisclosed persistence dominated by grind schools, or hagwons, that constantly check up on and retest students.

Feeding off the process are entrepreneurs like Cha Gil-yong, a personage dominie whose schtick is to don wigs and wacky costumes in his online lectures. He rakes in $8 million a year. At any one interval 300,000 students are logged into his website.

«I try to see people them and keep them from casual off by wearing these wigs. Students really take to it and don't abatement asleep.» CHA GIL-YONG

The difficulty piles up on students like 19 year old Jae-woo. He missed a top university by two marks last year. Now he's cramming for another try.

«There«s no me... I can»t do the things I like. When I'm prepping for exams who I am just gets lost.» HU JAE-WOO

South Korea has one of the world's highest suicide rates. Half of its teenagers story suicidal thoughts, mostly blaming prime difficulty.

For a growing calculate of students, sharp marks aren«t enough. Glitter needs loveliness to suit — that»s where the shapeable surgeon comes in.

«I definitely think it will help me get a job... If you have intimate looks you'll be treated well.» CHOI JI-HAE, 19, getting for eye widening surgery

While many South Korean kids effort under the difficulty of expectations, gentleman Matthew Carney also finds overconfident signs that authorities are for all time, belatedly, realising that the rate of good may be too intimate.

Gentleman: Matthew Carney
Camera: Jun Matsuzono
Editor-In-Chief: Scott Monro
Inquire Into: Joseph Kim
Auteur: Bronwen Reed

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