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Viands Network — Dinner Unworkable — Robert Irvine

Condition 7, Enterprise 3 – Aired: 8/26/2009
Distraction Enterprise
Chef Irvine must become distraction viands that he's dressed up in his own signature way.

Robert is preparing a sensational breakfast for 250 calender coaster enthusiasts at one of the country«s top locations for buzz seekers: Six Flag»s Terrific America! Robert is given just 9hrs to fashion a menu that takes beau id distraction classics like hot dogs & funnel slab and put as many twists and turns on them as the Six Flags coasters themselves. Robert soon finds out that there is one unique garbling to this pursuit that will become this invitation even more intractable- no grocery stores! Hank Salemi, the president of Six Flags Terrific America tells Robert that he will be doing ALL of his shopping at restaurants and stands within the ! With over a mile of establish to hidey-hole and without the extra of a genuine grocery stock Robert finds himself on a in he wishes he could get off of. Robert is smart to achieve that to really become this viands as sensational as these guests ahead to he's going to have to find out a way to tattle-tale some key ingredients into the and into his menu otherwise this pursuit may truly be....Dinner: Unworkable!

Recipes in This Episode
Calender Coaster Reuben Burgers
Seafood Hot Dogs with Sweet-Scented Mustard Sauerkraut
Seared Scallops and Jalapeno Cheese, with Shaved Apple Creme Fraiche
Smoked Turkey Leg Osso Bucco with Creamed Corn
Spiced Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Family Tree Beer Reduction

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