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Bear Grylls Pursuit Prone To: Series 2

Essence, Associate Documentary hosted by Elizabeth Carling, published by ITV in 2016 - English narration

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Bear Grylls Pursuit Prone To: Series 2
Following the trophy pleasant good of series one, Merit Grylls Pursuit Prone To returns; in which seven celebrities are dropped into one of the most harmful wildernesses on the inviolate planet — the South African bush. They will emplane on a 12 day epic pursuit like no other. Only the fearless will prone to this atrocious undertaking to the very end. They must trek over treacherous mountains, regard and eat untrammelled victuals, develop intensify lie and reap energy as they handle their way to the coastline and safety.

1) Unit Mostly 1
Seven celebrities mush a challenging undertaking in the South African bush, from being suspended by draw in from a helicopter to eating mopane worms and navigating through scorched plains, the stars mush a kind of stout tasks and Merit himself eliminates one of them after each impugn. Actor Neil Morrissey, choreographer Jason Gardiner, women's footballer Alex Scott, actresses Michelle Collins and Chelsee Healey, West End eminent Samantha Barks and former footballer Stuart Pearce reap up the team.

2) Unit Mostly 2
Neil Morrissey, Jason Gardiner, Alex Scott, Michelle Collins, Chelsee Healey, Samantha Barks and Stuart Pearce pick up their undertaking through the South African bush — or at least, six of them do, after one was eliminated last week. Their next pursuit involves locating their next refection — a callous springbok in the Karoo Mountains. The only mess is, to get it overdue renege they have to measure out it into pieces and gain it in their rucksacks across ropes suspended 50ft above a stony canyon. Anyone who fails goes without their nutriment — but it doesn«t end there, as they then have to reap settlement and smoke the nutriment overnight. And that»s just the first impugn.

3) Unit Mostly 3
The five uneaten celebrities are abyssal in the sensibility of the African bush, and with rations direction low; Merit challenges them to on from a collection of esculent flora. But while some is a life-and-death origin of daily bread, others could assassinate them. After this, undertaking bandleader Meg Hine pretends to be seriously injured and losing blood. The celebrities have only 40 minutes to reap a stretcher and gain her over scrubland to the deracination bring up. Can they reap it before Meg `dies' of fortnightly failure? Once, the reach the top at their new settlement, but there is one last impugn — an battery course — before Merit decides who to send home.

4) Unit Mostly 4
The celebrities impel from the African bush to the coastal forest, where they must learn how to qualify to their new surroundings. Merit surprises the survivors by revealing they are camped only 30 feet away from three elephants — but their ecstasy turns to animus when they learn their first assignment — how to abstract drinking liquor from the animals' fertilizer to secure survival in dire situations. They are then tasked with their first pursuit — to huffy a defile with a elephantine waterfall and emphatic quick like a bunny flowing invalid. As they bed down later, the attitude within settlement is forced and arguments begin.

5) Unit Mostly 5
After eight days in the untrammelled, the actual wrench is winning its striking on the four uneaten celebrities — but they know a station in the definitive is within reach. For their first assignment, they split into two teams and develop intensify rafts to get them safely across an estuary. However, the tide is coming in and with it the hazard of a shark charge. Once across they each have to develop intensify their own lie, to illustrate what they have learnt from their participation, and are shocked by Bear's display of how to discourage hydrated when there is no evacuate a clean invalid available. Will they take up the impugn to recap his very bodily method or walk?

6) Unit Mostly 6
The Finalists match it out to be crowned uttermost pursuit survivor. The first assignment sees the troika traversing a stony coastline and performing a commando grovel 80ft above crashing waves. They no longer have any rations, so they must then forage for seafood in the shallows and rockpools, before joining Merit, Meg and Scott around the campfire to over on the contest. The next morning, Merit has a yoke of surprises to see how they reply to adversity, and then they mush their last two challenges — making energy, a elementary soar for a survivor, and racing to the top of a 65ft unmixed scaur mush.

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* Audio: English
* Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48 KHz
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* Run-Period: 47mins
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