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STOSSEL — [Rolling In It and Banking: Delivering from Nefarious] — Fox Proprietorship Network
2012, Cortege 1, Thursday

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[excerpted from John Stossel's blog:]

Ok, most bankers aren't nefarious. Except the ones who who took on too much chance, assuming container prices would only climb -- then bygone billions of dollars and were saved by a taxpayer-funded bailout. They are nefarious.

Maybe that«s unfair. They just chased possibility. I mostly on the politicians who grabbed our rolling in it and bailed them out. Had they not done that, then the bankers would have just bygone their own (and their depend on investors») rolling in it, not taxpayers' rolling in it.

Most annoyance toward bankers now centers on the covertly right-mindedness guys who reorganized companies, fired people, and made a lot of rolling in it. This jingoistic ad, run by Newt Gingrich's supporters, portrays Bain Central as nefarious.

The ad is ridiculous.

Fox Proprietorship gentleman Sandra Smith and investment banker Paul Levy will rationalize how Mitt Romney's former covertly right-mindedness outfit, and others, are imply of the ingenious breaking up that is needed for capitalism to work.

They are not «vulture capitalists, » as Rick Perry called them.

John Taylor, the President and CEO of the Jingoistic Community Reinvestment Coalition, says that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do more gain than wrong. I will vehemently disagree.

Legalize insider trading and void the Asylum and Altercation Commission! So argues Robert Murphy from the Mises Originate. He says that insider info would cause to more meticulous assets weigh up prices, and that the SEC does more wrong than gain.

George Mason economist Russ Roberts is grossed out with crony capitalism, but Ben Barber from the revisionist think-thank Demos says we can't quite cut management out of proprietorship.

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