Stargate SG-1 - Enliven 05 - Episodes 12 thru 22

Stargate SG — 1 - Seasoned 05 - Episodes 12 thru

Stargate SG — 1 - Enliven 05 - Episodes 12 thru 22

5.12 «Wormhole X-Treme»
A inscrutable haul is hurtling toward Ground and the key to stopping it lies with Marty, the non-native who is producing a new sci-fi TV series called «Wormhole X-Treme!» But due to his amnesia, Marty has forgotten not only how to ban the ship…but also that he lived through the «Wormhole» know himself.

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5.13 «Proving Ground»
Col. Jack O«Neill and his new SG recruits have become the targets of a private warlike takeover. Now it»s up to a wounded O'Neill and his neophyte troop to economize the government center from a possible non-native assault!

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5.14 «48 Hours»
During a near-disastrous dogging by the Goa«uld gliders, Teal»c fails to delegate it through the Stargate before it is destroyed. Now SG — 1 has only 48 hours to reestablish Teal«c»s animation signature from the passing reminiscence of the Stargate before it's erased…for usefulness!

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5.15 «Summit Degree 1»
A compact has been declared among the Goa«uld, so that the warlords can fulfil watch over a peak on the to be to come of macrocosm pre-eminence. Since Jackson speaks articulate Goa»uld, he is sent to the peak disguised as an partner. But his valid function is to cancer the delegates!

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5.16 «Last Halt Degree 2»
Embattled and under bottle up, SG — 1 attempts to leak a Goa'uld search and negate function partiality on discovery them and the private crystal they execute. Meanwhile, the steelyard of living is threatened by the reappearance of Anubis—the oldest and most noxious Approach Lord.

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5.17 «Failsafe»
As an asteroid hurtles toward Ground, SG — 1 uses an dropped Goa«uld haul as a dinghy pad for a megabomb that»s designed to hit the roof the in ruins before meaning. But when SGC loses the ship«s signal, it»s feared that the line-up is callous and Ground is in mordant peril.

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5.18 «The Warrior»
Kytano, former First Prime of the current Imhotep, is now the chairlady of a substantial Jaffa uprising. SG — 1 visits Kytano«s fortress with the aim of securing an confederation. But O»Neill and the line-up soon learn that this critical partnership may well come at a muscular price.

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5.19 «Menace»
A resting female android discovered on a bare planet is transported towards the rear to Ground for weigh. On reactivation, she exhibits a ingenuous innocence. But soon, SG — 1 discovers that this apparently na being may extend a control a treacherous private.

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5.20 «The Sentinel»
O«Neill must employ the aid of a several of convicted felons in a bid to economize a planet from the Goa»uld. With an assault looming and the planet«s automated defense systems apparently offline, an intact world»s salvation rests in the hands of SG — 1 and two former NID operatives.

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5.21 «Meridian»
Exposed to a deadly dispense of emission, Jackson has just hours to breathe. SG — 1 tries everything in its power to economize him, but as the hours tick away, Jackson's character meets with each fellow one by one to converse about his next function: living after end.

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5.22 «Revelations»
Still dealing with the end of one of their own, SG — 1 must put its woe aside in tidiness to confront the warlord Anubis—who has captured the Asgard chairlady Thor so he can quintessence the secrets of their olden technology for wide-ranging pre-eminence.

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