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BBC — The Cosmos — A Beginner's Handbook (2007)



It's the saga of everything — from the first microseconds of our circle to the moving coming of first get hold of and homes beyond our Planet. Yoke Adam Hart-Davis, Janet Sumner and Maggie Aderin for a range around the planet to observe with the latest outlook about the Cosmos.

1) Vital Spark in the Cosmos
Are we alone or is there other vital spark out there? In this routine we observe the hunters, who go through their hour tracking down vital spark in the Cosmos. Some of them are looking for incredibly original vital spark really adjacent at manual labourer. And others are looking for something you could talk to???
2) Erection the Circle
We let on all about the circle: how it, and everything in it, came into being and the gargantuan new experiments currently being done to explore it.

Adam Hart-Davis presents this occurrence from the biggest and most brave research of all — the Hadron Collider.
3) Seeing the Circle
Most of what we know about the circle, from its age to its hugeness to how it began in a Big Bang, has been set out through telescopes. But how far out into rank and overdue into hour is it possible to see?

In this occurrence Adam Hart-Davis travels to the Atacama Leave in Chile to fall upon the VLT — the Very Abbreviate. Perched on top of a flattened mountain some 2600 metres above sea equal, the VLT is the best apartment on Planet from which to see the circle. Managing Director of Area, Bruno Leibundgut, explains how this horrifying abbreviate is help astronomers see further than ever before, enabling them to try to solve some of the ???big??? questions in astronomy.
4) Rank Probe
The benign blood has harboured a sonorous draw for the Cosmos for thousands of years. But the technology to break out the confines of our planet and analyse the Solar Routine has only been with us for fifty years. In this inordinate wager we???ve sent probes to other worlds, inhabited rank stations in Planet circle and put men on the Moon. But what is incident at the hibernal peevish of rank probe now?

In this routine Adam Hart-Davis reports from the European Rank Inquire Into and Technology Nucleus (ESTEC) in the Netherlands. It???s a hive of liveliness, with engineers working on all sorts of rank hardware.
5) Impetuous Circle
Until quite recently the unendingly sky seemed hibernal and composure and never changing — but not any more. In this routine we???ll register you the thespian events incident right now, from the peevish of the circle to uncomfortably adjacent to haven.

Adam Hart-Davis presents this occurrence from the University of Leicester where he meets a body tracking down the most impetuous events in the circle. Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are the biggest bangs since the Big Bang and body director Dr Julian Osborne explains how Leicester is at the nucleus of a worldwide network trying to observe them.
6) Other Worlds
Conclusion another Planet outside our solar routine would be big intelligence — but there are some surprising discoveries in our very own cosmic backyard. We grasp up with some astonishing findings in our solar routine and beyond and bare the chances of conclusion another planet and, perhaps, vital spark elsewhere in the Cosmos.

Adam Hart-Davis presents this routine from a spectacular conclusion — the crown of an pass volcano at La Palma in the Canary Islands. It???s one of the world???s best places for unparalleled gazing and is haven to some hugely arousing telescopes. But our saga starts with an contrivance that could fit in your penthouse at haven. Although it???s baby, it???s hugely weighty and holds the key to conclusion worlds outside our solar routine.

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